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Industries Served

Conventional loans are not a good fit for everyone. We specialize in solutions for companies in a variety of industries where a more steady cash flow is the lifeblood of the business. 

Our clients typically:

– Have sales that fluctuate

Are newly established without credit or financial relationships

– Have slow paying accounts receivable placing a burden on cash flow

– Rapidly growing with insufficient earnings and sales history

– Have some derogatory information associated with them

– Have suppliers with aggressive credit terms requiring timely payment

Oil & Gas

Problem: This is Texas, with many companies providing exploration services, equipment supply, pipeline construction, industrial construction, hauling or one of hundreds more verticals within the oil and gas industry. You can’t afford to pass up available work, but, typical to the industry are slow paying customers putting a strain on finances.

Solution: Through factoring, you will now have access to capital to help keep your valued employees, scale accelerated growth, while taking care of suppliers and other expenses.


Problem: The trucking and transportation business is a cash intensive business requiring the necessary cash flow to promote growth as well as manage payroll, fuel and maintenance costs.

Solution: Accessing ready cash allows you to build your business as you want without being limited by the long-term payment cycles.


Problem: The challenge for the well-run staffing company is not a lack of talent, nor a lack of customers to support the business-it’s the amount of time between taking care of payroll for its employees and receiving the payment for those hours invoiced related to the payroll.

Solution: We provide up to 90% of invoice totals for immediate cash allowing you to cover existing payroll while supporting growth opportunities by hiring additional qualified individuals to support additional customers.

Professional Services

Problem: Attorneys, accountants, engineers are among those professionals generally requiring payment on 30, 60, even 90 day terms based upon the scope of work or hours completed, which can have a significant strain on cash flow. 

Solution: Through factoring you will access cash immediately to support growth and payroll, while taking on new clients and projects requiring additional capital.


Problem: A company producing a good through the means of raw material, components, and or assemblies of multiple components to be sold for a profit. Unfortunately, the manufacturing of a product requires supplies, wages, liabilities, and sometimes the transportation of the said product as a continuous overhead expense. 

Solution: Factoring provides access to pending revenues now, allowing you to pay the wages, accept supplier discounts due to early payment, and purchase more material to accept jobs you may have turned down before.


Problem: Are you buying product, warehousing it, and then reselling to retailers, perhaps even providing support and service after the sale? Most distributors provide manpower and support to the manufacturer/supplier they buy from, and must then wait for payment from their customer.

Solution: Factoring allows you immediate access to 30-, 60- and 90-day term payments enabling you to buy more product, pay for your warehousing, and cover payroll.

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